When Art  meets Technology

Our team contributes new ideas that help you achieve beyond your goals. We turn innovative and interactive media into an experience that is both simple and engaging, but intelligently based on cutting-edge technology.

Your IDentity Matters

We recognize that each brand has a unique identity and flavour. We work closely with our partners to understand their goals and use a blend of art and innovative technologies to provide breathtaking interactive solutions.

EyeSense Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision application

EyeSense-A New AI App That Helps The Blind Discover The World Artificial Intelligence solutions

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IN OUR MINDS – 3D Mapping & Hologram Art Installation  Projection Mapping Hologram

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SONY Xperia Z1 Mobile Launch      Virtual Reality Interactive Media Hologram

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3D Fashion Model Hologram Hologram

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SONY Hologram with N60 HoloCase   Hologram

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S series Holographic Displays Showcasing Academic Researches    Hologram

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Interactive Holographic Room For A Tank Hologram Interactive Media

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Car Projection Mapping Show for SsangYong   Projection Mapping

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