Storytelling Through Light – What is PROJECTION MAPPING?

What is Projection Mapping?

Projection mapping, video mapping, or 3D mapping is technically generated by projecting pre-rendered or real-time 2D images or videos on physical white shapes, with regular or irregular dimensions.

How is it Made?

First, a scan is taken of the physical environment from the projector’s point of view, and a virtual 3D model is built and exported from the camera rendering that aligns closely to the projector view.

what is projection mapping, video mapping or 3D mapping?

Physical Shapes

Second, in order to create an impressive 3D mapping experience, the projection’s content must be perfectly tailored to match the taste of the target audience in order to grab their attention. There are a number of animation or visual effects software that can be used to edit, composite, colour grade, add 3D effects, and render to create visually stunning results and bring a script to life.


what is projection mapping, video mapping or 3D mapping?

Projection lights mapped on the shapes

Third, using mapping software, such as MadMapper, Millumin or Resolume, the projection’s content is pre-wrapped so that it appears undistorted when projected onto the physical environment.

What’s Next?

Projection mapping is a recent development in projection technology, but its impact is growing rapidly. It has made its way into music festivals, sports arenas, corporate events, product launches, and entertainment and trade show presentations.  3D projections will revolutionize advertising opportunities for urban spaces and notably transform theatrical and dance performances, as projection mapping software can be synchronized with motion capture technology and interact with body movements. Interaction is the real key to the future of projection mapping and we are excited to see what the next decade will hold for us!

Regardless of the purpose of the projection mapping, its only true limitation lies in the artist’s imagination.

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