Three Series of Holocases are Now Available!


ID Labs Art and Technology is a leading provider of visual and interactive communication solutions, currently launching a new collection of holographic display devices.


We are proud to present this new production line of holographic display devices – we call them Holocases. An elegant design and superb display performance make them an ideal choice for impressive 3D product visualization. If desired, you can place a real product inside a showcase for seamless integration with an animated holographic projection.

The new Holocases collection comes in three series: N, S and V.




The N series display perfectly combines impressive 3D imagery with audio and the underlying advanced technology. This holographic showcase is freestanding but can also be attached to nearly any indoor surface.

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The S series boasts compact and stylish displays that are available in five colors: black, copper, gold, silver, and white. They are light-weight and come in a wide range of sizes. Imagine a 3D simulation of your product floating gracefully in mid-air, or a holographic animation popping up around the actual product!

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The V series display is a freestanding three-sided holographic showcase that offers a stunning three-dimensional presentation at eye-level. It is a display of refined elegance, smaller in size but perfect for showcasing jewelry, watches, perfumes, or fine-art gallery objects. You are guaranteed a gorgeous visual experience that will leave a long-lasting impact on your audience.

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ID Labs also offers a custom-branded Holocase according to your specific requirements, customized to each indoor environment.

ID Labs’ holographic displays can encompass an infinite variety of applications. So far, the Holocases have been proven to attract and hold the attention of today’s tech-savvy audience at various trade exhibitions. They have also reinforced famous premium-brand images in the high-tech and FMCG sector. The Holocases can be adapted to a myriad of applications. They can be placed in retail stores, shopping malls, hotels and casinos, airports, conventions, or any indoor environment where you want to command the attention of your target audience and enhance effective understanding, interactive communication, and collaboration.


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