The Sony Xperia Launch – Interactive Marketing

The start date, January 2014. The destination, Cairo. An airborne smart phone shows the public the future.
It was a simple recipe: we took a product – like the highly anticipated, luxury flagship and prime phone, Xperia Z1 from tech giant Sony – and showed what makes it special through an interactive marketing story. How? We let it fly. Literally. As only a 3D hologram model can.


The audience gasped at the phone’s breathtakingly large screen as we presented fish swimming in the same tank as the phone with our holographic device, N series Holocase.

N series Holocase

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Once we had their attention, we involved the audience directly: projecting an application from the phone onto a big screen, we transported people from their everyday live’s, straight into outer space- in less than a second.

We also displayed how they could dive into an undersea augmented reality without getting a drop of water on them. They could even take pictures while they were there!

The audience enjoyed creating pictures of themselves and their friends in the environment of their choice, even placing them online to enter a competition.

Sony Xperia Launch Touch screen

Sharing images and videos

We took a premium smartphone with all the power and ingenuity of Sony, and fashioned it into an innovative, interactive experience that reached an audience of 350,000 people.

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