Projection Mapping

At ID Labs we see projection mapping technique as an impressive way for storytelling, and a powerful tool for creating immersive environments.  We specialize in 3D mapping and handle all aspects of production: from design conception, to content creation, to the final live experience.

Video Mapping is a breathtaking technique when it comes to bringing any physical object to life in terms of motion, color, and sound.

Whatever The Display Scale

Projection Mapping technique can be applied to different surfaces without limitations on size. You can perform video mapping on a small object; on a medium-size surface, like a stage or a vehicle; or on a large surface, such as a massive building. The options are limitless!

Endless Application

Artists, event organizers, and advertisers use 3D mapping techniques to create mesmerizing audio-visual shows. The projections can be done for both indoor and outdoor installations, temporary performances, and permanent exhibitions. It is an ideal high-impact and entertainment tool applied to product launches, marketing events, music festivals, retail locations, and trade exhibitions. Projection mapping proves to be a stunning way to deliver an immersive experience, and fascinate large audiences.

What is Projection Mapping ?

Read full article and watch our video about the definition of projection mapping.

Projection Mapping, also known as 3D video mapping, is a storytelling technique that projects visual art on a 3D structure of any desired shape and dimensions.

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