Mixed Reality

At ID Labs we are focused on creating Mixed Reality solutions that can be integrated into real life environments without needing any additional devices.

With these solutions, we aim to create an immersive blending of physical and virtual worlds, which seamlessly combines virtual content with the surrounding physical environment.

These immersive experiences primarily stimulate visual and auditory senses, but some virtual realities can create sensory experiences that include smell and touch.

To create an immersive and natural mixed reality experience we use a large palette of techniques, such as: Projection Mapping, Interactive Media, and Artificial Intelligence.

Our mission in Mixed Reality is to create a natural, seamless, immersive experience while staying connected to the real world

Augmented Reality

While Virtual Reality is an artificial recreation of a real-life environment, Augmented Reality (AR) adds an extra layer of digital data to the current perception of the real world. AR takes an existing picture or live camera stream, and blends new information into it, AR is developed into apps and used on smartphones, tablets, smart-glasses, and as desktop solutions.

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