Interactive Media


We perceive interactive media not only as screen displays and touch inputs, but also as a tool that supports the way we interact with surroundings in our daily life.

Natural Interaction

Our mission for interactive media is to pioneer natural experiences of perfect harmony between humans and digital systems


Interactive Media Technologies

Interactive Media uses different sensing technologies such as: body and facial tracking, face detection, eye tracking, object recognition, emotional and facial coding, and more. We develop our Interactive Media solutions by utilizing hardware devices like sensors and depth cameras supported by in-house developed software.

Interactive Media ID Labs

Smart Interaction

Interactive media doesn’t just need to be fully interactive, but also smart enough to understand humans by using cutting-edge technology like Artificial Intelligence.

Interactive Marketing & Advertising

Successful marketing and advertising campaigns are seeking to employ new technological trends to engage their audience in innovative and efficient ways.

With our deep understanding of marketing and communication, we design and create solutions that enable companies and brands to promote their products and ideas.

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