Hologram is one of our core specialties at ID Labs. Therefore, we provide high-end products for a range of holographic devices and custom-made installations. You can apply them as cutting-edge display solutions and innovative tools for audience interaction.

We offer a wide portfolio of display devices, called Holocases, and a large range of creative installations versatile enough for use in a variety of applications and industries.

”Our Hologram technology can be used not only for displays but also for achieving real interaction with your audience” 

 Hologram Devices

ID Labs has three production lines of unique and patented Holocases. The new collections of N, S and V series are available in different sizes and colors.

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N series      S series    V series

 Holographic Installations

From concept design to final production, we produce creations for cutting-edge projects and also develop holographic solutions. These can be applied for showcasing your product at exhibitions, trade fairs, museums, educational venues, concerts, and live events.

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 Interactive Hologram

By adding advanced sensors with a detection algorithm to our holographic solutions, our holograms can easily interact with humans using an input face, hand detection, and eye and motion tracking. They may even read basic emotions such as happiness or surprise.

 Smart Hologram

As a result of close cooperation between our Vision Lab and Creative Lab in the field of Artificial Intelligence, the hologram can go beyond the limit of just being used to display a product or facilitate user interaction. It can also be smart enough to understand human needs, analyze different data, and make decisions on its own. This merger opens up a whole new horizon of unlimited hologram applications for virtual assistants, home automation, health care, and much more.

Smart Hologram ID Labs

ID Holocases

N series      S series    V series

Holographic Installations

Holographic Room for a Defense Tank

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Fashion Model in a Store Window Hologram

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Hologram and 3D Mapping Art Installation

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Hologram museum Washington DC

Museum Stage Display Large Hologram

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