Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence – (AI) is not just science fiction any more! At ID Labs we build systems that can learn, adapt, evolve, tackle new situations, and make decisions without any human interference.  Our AI also deals with multiple levels of emotions: from low-level detections such as smiling, to higher-level models of human behaviour.

What We Do With AI

Our Vision Lab- responsible for research and development- is focused on brainstorming and experimenting with innovative ideas. We turn these ideas into products and services that take new media and how humans interact with their surroundings to a whole new level of intelligence.

Using Artificial Intelligence, we design genuine solutions that can see, hear, and feel human gestures. This provides smart systems that interact in a more natural way, therefore enhancing the performance of other solutions we implement.

Artificial Intelligence

”Our mission is to develop solutions that enrich the Human experience with SMART systems that understand and meet the human needs”

Deep Learning- Machine Learning Using Deep Neural Networks

Using machine learning, we can create systems that break down data, such as photos or voice recordings, causing the computer to make future decisions based on that information. When scaled to be very complex, machine learning provides ways to make computers smarter.

EyeSense AI Mobile App

EyeSense Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision application

Multiple Objects Recognition

Object recognition Artificial Intelligence

Face Recognition

Eye Learn AI Face Detection Application

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