Interactive Holographic Room for a Defense Tank

ID Labs was approached with a challenging request coming from the defense manufacturing company Cockerill Maintenance & Ingénierie – CMI Belgium. The company wanted to showcase actual-size defense tank models in an engaging and impactful way. Our solution was to  develop an interactive holographic room to be presented at IDEX International Defense Exhibition 2015 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab of Emirates.


Impressive Look of Tank Models

Interaction was one of the success factors of our tank holograms. We integrated very detailed graphical content into the holograms, which added a further air of authenticity to the 3D tank models. This contextual projection allowed passersby to see various parts of the models from different angels, highlighting accurately the differences between each model. They seemed to be suspended and floating in mid-air, and they all reflected the latest military technology.


Interactive Hologram

Holographic Room at IDEX 2015 UAE

More Holographic Interaction

To add a twist of interaction into the holographic room, the passersby could also use a tablet display to break up the tank models into individual components and then put them back together into their original model reproductions. People were able to engage thoroughly with the holograms, which made this form of product showcasing highly effective.

interactive hologram

As a Result

Both the audience and the client were intrigued by ID Labs’ holographic installation. In fact, it was generating a continuously high level of attention among the exhibition visitors – an ambitious task considering there were more than 1200 exhibiting companies and countries from all over the globe.

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