SmartEye – Interactive Advertising breakthrough is coming.

Always at the forefront of interactive advertising, ID Labs is thrilled to announce the launch of SmartEye – our latest invention – which we believe can take real-time ads to a whole new level, helping to produce innovative and ground-breaking campaigns.

What is SmartEye?

SmartEye is a human vision device that uses different sensing technologies – enabling a real-time, two-way interaction between the audience and the media content. To show relevant content, the audience is placed at the heart of the space, giving advertisers the full picture of who is seeing their ad. This solution captures live data feeds immediately – changing the content of an ad in real time, allowing creative flexibility, and giving a better understanding of how people are interacting with the ad.

SmartEye Sensing Featuers

How Does SmartEye Work?

This compact device includes a human vision sensor that recognizes facial reactions; detects five basic emotions; records body, hand and eye tracking; and estimates both gender and age. It also includes a full HD camera that can be activated in each interactive scenario. SmartEye comes with software called ‘Smile’ that gives you the flexibility to build your own interactive story around any sensor input. The software can play multiple media types simultaneously – such as still images, image sequences, and videos. It can also execute the option of displaying two layers of media content – in the foreground and in the background.

SmartEye Human Vision Device

Campaign Performance Analysis

We know how important it is to measure overall interactive advertising  campaign performance. SmartEye exports all collected data into a report for further data analysis, by daytime or creative execution. Additionally, since you can track campaigns in real time, it provides huge improvements in evaluating advertising effectiveness.  And if you want to adjust or test various ads to measure their social impact, you can do it remotely from your office.

SmartEye Human Vision DeviceMyriad Applications

SmartEye is an amazing solution that will easily enhance your communication, while being attached to digital out-of-home (DOOH) screens, holographic installations, interactive displays, or even incorporated into digital billboards, kiosks, or store windows. SmartEye can provide an innovative leap forward in raising social or environmental awareness, delivering impressive branding opportunities, and creating enhanced ideas for interactive advertising that boost audience real-time engagement.

Watch SmartEye in Action at TNW Conference Europe>

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