IN OUR MINDS – Immersive 3D Mapping & Holographic installation

They say we live in the universe, we say we live in our brains and its perception of the universe.



In Our Minds is a holographic art installation expressing the idea that what we see is only limited to the image we perceive.

The project was made possible using a 360 projection mapping, realized on a human brain mockup inside of a holographic display installation. In addition, an immersive visualization was displayed around the room, taking the audience from inside of their minds to an inspiring journey into outer infinite space.


360 Projection Mapping

360 Projection Mapping in a hologram installation for a human brain

3D Mapping

Art & Technology

The video mapping visuals differentiated the left hemispheric side of the brain from the right side, highlighting the different cognitive functions and skills that each hemisphere is responsible for. The idea was to engage both sides of the brain, the creative and the logical one, and to reach a balanced perception of reality.

Holographic Installation

Hologram Galaxy 'In Our Mind' Holographic installation

Holographic installation


immersive projection mapping installation

Immersive video mapping


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