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Steve Russell never thought that his interactive table-tennis game would be the source of inspiration for his fellow inventors to take interactive computer games and programs to the next level.

Human Computer Interaction has come a long way from the computer dominant interactions of Steve’s game  to more human-dominant interactions.

What Makes Humans Intelligent?

Before we go through what Intelligent Interaction means, let’s take a step back and try to understand what makes humans intelligent. The review of 37 imaging studies, detailed online in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, suggests that intelligence is related not so much to brain size or a particular brain structure, but to how efficiently information travels through the brain. Our brain stores, correlates, and analyzes information in order to take an action or make a judgment. These actions and judgments are very relevant to the cognition capacity of our brain.

One of our visions for crowd sourcing in the future is one in which truly intelligent systems are developed more quickly by initially creating crowd-powered systems, and then using them as scaffolding to gradually move to fully-automated approaches.

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Systems Can Evolve Independently!

Yes, systems can learn from each other as well as from the environment around them. Systems can absorb a tremendous amount of information by simply reading, hearing, watching, and even sensing the world around them. Likewise, intelligent systems will keep learning and getting smarter to the point where they can choose to mimic human behavior and even come up with their own behavior and characteristics- sound scary? Well, it can be even scarier knowing that these systems are also immortal! They can live for as long as they are powered, and they reproduce in a matter of seconds.

The Future is Closer Than You Think

We are only a few steps toward achieving smart and aware systems that can interact naturally with humans. Soon we will even be reading articles written by smart systems.

In our next post we’ll talk more about the technological trends and the latest research used in developing such systems, we’ll also be talking about the market leaders in the field. Stay tuned!

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