First Fashion Hologram Model

The project began when the advertising agency, Saatchi&Saatchi Egypt, came to us looking for new ideas to launch the latest JB Collection’s clothing line. We developed an innovative concept using an interactive fashion hologram as a model, to present different outfits in the store’s windows.


The Holographic Experience That Can Literally Blow Your Mind


The summer campaign was launched under the theme of “Craving Fashion,” where innovation and customer interaction were the key concepts we used when presenting the display.

Shooting a fashion hologram model

Fashion Hologram Shooting Preparations

The content shooting with talented Dutch model, Ilse van Duijl, took place at Steven Studios in the centre of the Hague, in the Netherlands. We completed post-production at ID Labs’ creative lab and the project was implemented in a JB’s store in Cairo, Egypt.

As a Result

The project dazzled customers and attracted the attention of passersby as they delighted in seeing the model interact with people from within the store window.

A New Horizon

We opened new perspectives on the use of this innovative generation of holographic displays in stores and live events, and not just in the fashion world. ID Labs will be happy to create a unique project that will surely impress your audience.

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