A Creative Concept Launches EyeSense At TNW Conference In Amsterdam

If you access The Next Web exhibition floor in Amsterdam, you’ll find a girl on the screen calling your attention and asking you to smile. If you smile at her she will give you a thumbs up and you’ll instantly notice a message on the screen saying: I Can See Your Smile but Blind People Need to See it Too…

The campaign’s creators employed the use of SmartEye – a human vision device that enables a real-time, natural interaction between the audience and the media content. The digital content changes based on the reactions of people passing by – whether a body is detected nearby the screen, or the screen girl receives a smile, triggering the release of the message about EyeSense.


ID Labs created this interactive campaign to raise awareness toward the challenges blind people face in their daily lives, and to spread the word about EyeSense. It is an AI application that helps blind and visually impaired individuals recognize their personal objects and also some basic facial expressions, like smiles or winks, to enhance human-to-human connection.

The campaign was a success! Since SmartEye records body, face and emotion, it registered 590 smiles spread across the faces of passers-by who interacted with the creative content in just a few hours of it being launched. But most importantly, the campaign managed to stop TNW visitors for a few seconds, helping them realize how important the EyeSense app is for blind or partially sighted people.


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