EyeSense Is A New AI App That Helps The Blind Discover The World

Have you ever stopped and realised how fortunate you are to have the ability to visually experience your surroundings? Close your eyes and imagine that ability being taken away from you. How would you think and function without eyesight? This is but a fraction of the challenges blind or visually impaired people face in their daily lives.



ID Labs developed EyeSense, an Artificial Intelligence application that helps blind and visually impaired people discover their surroundings, while also enhancing human-to-human connection. The AI app is also of great value for individuals with mild cognitive impairment – including memory, language, and thinking skill. EyeSense uses a deep learning-based computer vision to recognize objects and special facial features – like smiles and winks – with no need for an internet connection.

How Does This AI App Work?

Just point the EyeSense camera towards an object of interest, and listen to the app identify it. EyeSense has the ability to easily “learn” new objects and recognize them from many different viewpoints in real-time. This can be done with no internet connection and with an easy training process.


Design Philosophy of EyeSense

The design philosophy behind EyeSense lies in the ability to personalize each user’s experience, and to enhance human-to-human interaction.

The current version of EyeSense is developed to run on iPad devices, and future development will includes expansion to other platforms, making the AI app accessible to more individuals on their current devices. The development plan also includes adding some pre-trained libraries and implementation of a function that will allow the support of multiple languages.


The EyeFamily 

ID Labs’ Vision Lab, responsible for research and development, has plans to bring the EyeFamily applications to different target audiences. EyeSense is designed to help primarily blind and visually impaired people. EyeLearn will be an educational app created for learning a foreign language vocabulary while exploring the surroundings. EyeControl will be developed as a universal visual remote to control Internet of Things devices. The release of these applications will allow ID Labs to research more methods to enrich people’s everyday lives.

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