5 Trends That Will Change Our Lives With No Return


The last few years have been quite active on many different fronts, such as technology, health, and the social scene. ID Labs is looking ahead to identify major emerging trends and how they impact different domains of present-day society.

1-Virtual Reality

One of the rising trends that will change how we interact with our personal devices and visualize media is Virtual Reality. The basic concept of Virtual Reality is to view alternate realities in immersive 3D environments. Many big tech companies started the race of producing VR headsets, such as Sony, Samsung, Oculus (owned by Facebook), HTC, Google, and others. These sets are now becoming available as a consumer product and will soon play a big role in our daily lives.



Neuromarketing, or Consumer Neuro Science, is another emerging trend used by marketers. The trend is essentially used to analyze and measure the consumer’s emotional response to different types of media, like TV or printed ads. It can also be applied to a product design, or even to an in-store shopping experience.  Many techniques are involved in the analysis process, from eye tracking and facial coding to brain waves analysis with EEG and fMRI. Nowadays, major consumer brands and large websites have started adopting these techniques.


3-Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) includes any stand-alone device that can be controlled or monitored from the Internet. The IoT is expected to make a huge impact on how homes, businesses, and whole cities will be operated. Out of all the technological trends emerging right now, IoT is the game changer- shaping the future for groundbreaking industries and improving the way we live and work.


4-Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is considered to be one of the greatest inventions of this century. Machines will be smart enough to adopt and understand human behaviour. They will also be able to make decisions and carry them out without any human intervention. AI has started being used in many systems we use every day. Although it is in the early stages, it will assuredly bring relevant advancements for society and have endless applications. Some critics expect Artificial Intelligence to be a great danger that may have a very negative impact on humanity. Others confirm that it will be a huge leap toward a better future.



The digitalization that has taken place over the last years has fundamentally changed society. This has changed not only our behaviour but also our perception of privacy. The boundary between being private and being public is declining. We balance our privacy to have a richer user experience, which can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it.


On the bright side, new trends for health awareness have started to rise. For example, people are avoiding junk food and instead looking for ‘slow food, fast service’. Society is beginning to focus more on a healthy life with mental wellbeing, and seeking ways to cultivate a balance between mind, body, and soul.

We are thrilled to be launching new solutions that reflect positive impacts of technology on society, and enrich people’s lives in this fast moving world. We are looking forward to seeing how these social and tech trends make a significant difference as they unfold.


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