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ID Labs is an international company that provides cutting-edge solutions through creative art and pioneering technology, to enhance visual and interactive communication. By innovating solutions, we seek to help companies and brands promote products and ideas, and enhance human interactions with others and their surroundings.


ID Labs provides a wide range of creative solutions serving different needs and objectives. We provide advanced displays and interactive environments  for promotional, marketing, advertising, educational, and medical purposes.

Featured Projects

By bringing together specialists, talent, and academics from all over the globe, we provide a range of experts in cutting-edge technology and digital creativity to provide world-class solutions.


Behind each piece of work there are always stories to be told. With a firm belief in community and teamwork, we are keen on sharing information and trends with the public.

Here you can discover more about the technology behind interactive media, and how innovative human-computer interaction can bring the future even closer than you imagined.

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